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Where is CIP located?

We are located in St. Marys, PA. See our distances from major cities below:

  • 2.5 hours northeast of Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2.5 hours southeast of Erie, PA
  • 2 hours south of Buffalo, NY
  • 3 hours northwest of Harrisburg, PA
  • 4.5 hours northwest of Philadelphia , PA
What certifications and registrations do you have?
We are ISO 9001 certified and registered with ITAR. For more information see our certifications page
What CAD/CAM software do you use?

We use Autodesk Inventor CAM Professional.

What type of CAD files are accepted?

We can accept most CAD file formats (e.g. STEP, IGES, etc.) .

Do you offer any design services for a machined part? If not, what does a company need to present upfront?

We do have design capabilities but the customer must approve and assume responsibility for the final design. Please submit a fully defined product including all necessary prints, CAD models, specifications, etc. along with the estimated annual usage.

What types of materials can be CNC machined outside of steel?

Aluminum, Copper Alloys (Bronze, Brass), Titanium, Nickel Alloys (Inconel, Monel).

Which parts do you most commonly machine for the automotive industry?

We mainly supply engine and transmission parts.

Does CIP provide electroplating services?

No. At this time CIP only provides mechanical plating services.

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